Symposium Timetable

9:45 am – Tea and Coffee.

10:15 am – Welcome Address.

10:30 am –  Bridging the Gap.

Alex Lucas, Jacob Harrison and James Cunningham will provide an overview of the Bridging the Gap Research Project. Based on interviews with twenty VIB sound and music creatives, they will share their insights into digital audio workstation (DAW) accessibility.

11:00 am – Keynote Presentation: Scott Chesworth.

Scott is a prominent figure in the Reaper Access online community. In this presentation, Scott will describe his work in improving the accessibility of Reaper through the development of the Osara extension.

12:00 pm – Lunch.

Join us for a free light lunch of sandwiches, brownies and refreshments!

12:30 pm – Supporting VIB Creativity.

Peter Bosher and Jay Pocknell provide an overview of Sound without Sight, a fantastic new initiative aiming to support VIB creatives working with sound and music.

Alex Rees will discuss the excellent work of UCAN Productions in Wales, supporting young VIB in accessing performance and the creative arts. 

1:30 pm –   Bridging the Gap Podcast Panel Discussion.

Over five episodes, the Bridging the Gap Podcast features conversations with several VIB sound and music creatives on topics related to DAW accessibility.  Guests from the podcast speak with James Cunningham, sharing their perspectives in this live panel discussion.

2:30 pm – Accessible DAW Demonstrations.

Jason Dasent, Andre Loius, Scott Chesworth and Bryan Matthews are VIB sound creatives, well-versed in their DAW of choice. They will demonstrate accessible workflows in Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper and GarageBand for iOS.  Andre will also demonstrate Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol with Native Access.

3:30 pm – Design Workshop.

In this relaxed, guided workshop, we will use physical materials to build low-fidelity prototypes of possible new (or old) technologies that may improve VIB DAW access.

4:30 pm – Keynote Presentation: Chi Kim.

A pivotal figure in Pro Tools accessibility, Professor Chi Kim will speak about his work on the Flo Tools accessibility extension and a recent collaboration with Avid to improve the accessibility of Sibelius.

5:30 pm – Music Technology Industry Panel Discussion.

Hear of the latest developments in music technology accessibility during this panel discussion with music technology product industry representatives. 

6:30 pm – Pizza and Live Music.

Join us for free pizza and refreshments. A bar will be serving alcohol. The day closes with a live music performance and open mic/open cable stage.