Design Days (2016)

In 2016 we continued our exciting collaboration with DMNI.
This year, our programme involved a 6-month long collaborative design project, which started with a design event at SARC (7th – 9th June).
5 interaction designers worked with pupils from local special educational needs schools and brain injury rehabilitation charity to collaboratively design customised accessible musical interfaces.
Two subsequent phases of this project involved going to the participants to show them progress of the designs and gather feedback.

The project ended on November 27th 2016, with a showcase performance at The Sonic Lab.
This took place as part of the annual Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music.

Alongside the design project, an international networking meeting for partners working in the area of inclusive music making, digital design, disability and well-being also took place on 10th June 2016.

This is an excerpt of the final performance @ Sonorities Festival 2016.
(ignore the 2017 date on the video, which is incorrect).